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Everything I write here is a negotiation between a sales pitch and an artist statement. Both of those things are whack. Life is full of options. Follow me over there, or don’t.

I’ve finished two new projects which you can view there or at the store and will be tabling at this.

I have many things in the pipeline. Will update on those more regularly/creatively.




Hello again. This is the post where I talk about the new zine I made called “Beer”. It’s an entirely visual zine featuring abundant use of inks and paints and collage materials. I’ll get right into the process after some fancy pictures. Here are those.



While creating this zine, I encountered a serious snafu with a heavy-duty magenta ink marker. At some point, the thick felt base of the marker was pushed deeply into the plastic tip of the pen, rapidly draining the well and leaking ink through the felt, creating a sporadic, uncontrollable drip effect. There is evidence of this leakage throughout the zine. Most prominently, a small lake was created on one of the latter pages that leaked through to subsequent pages until it was stopped by the surface of my desk, which is now marked by a small, pinkish stain. This occurred while I was only about halfway finished with the creative work on this zine. I have interpreted this to mean that this zine is all about accidents: accidents that influence progress without forestalling it, and progress that works around accidents.
“Beer” is formally related to “Ramen” — same 7″x8″ footprint, pagination, and edition size (100) — but it runs a bit colder and more austere, IMO. There is a lot more of that stark, contrast-y black and white that pops into your head when you think of “zines”. Many pages feature the blended b&w-on-one-page-and-color-on-the-other visual spread idea that I introduced with “Ramen”. Personally, I think that’s better executed here than it was back then. All around, this zine feels a bit more like a statement.
The ink spill inspired some other creative flourishes to this zine, including thick washes of black acrylic paint and blown-up photocopies of smaller collages throughout. It’s bound in dental floss, too. It also inspired the hand-stamped “LASER”-text at the bottom right corner of the sixteenth page. Like the spill, evidence of the stamp bleeds through to the following page
This zine will be among the newer works available for sale at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. It will be $4. Like “Carnivores”, I’m not going to put this one up on the Etsy just yet. Also I will offer this zine at BZF together with “Ramen” and call it “The Beer and Ramen Special” for $7. Get it? Beer and Ramen? It’s the perfect meal.

Carnivores In The Clouds

Hi. So, look at the new minizine that I made.



It’s a text collage broken up into eight discrete pages revealing a vague narrative about predation, consumption, and mystical technologies. It was printed on a single sheet of 11″x17″ paper, folded three times, cut across one of the seams, and re-folded intricately to form this 5.5″x4.25″ octavo. Every word of the narrative (apart from the little colophon on the back page) was assembled from preexisting science texts from the Time Life Science Library. The narrative is literally embedded in each page: it’s eight sequential passages were printed on the verso side of the paper and are revealed through a hole in the recto side. Every copy was folded and cut by hand; none of the one hundred copies are entirely the same. Indeed, many of them will have to be carefully manipulated to fully reveal the passages beneath.




Once again, the narrative is vague. I wrote it only inasmuch as I took the words I was attracted to and assembled them to form sentences. Occasionally I grabbed a small article or interjection to help create coherence. The narrative often refers to clouds and it often appears to be set in a place of high altitude. Machines are mentioned more than once, perhaps as a catalyst of destruction. Predators are alluded to on almost every page. These themes pivot around and strive to give meaning to an unrevealed problem. You make sense of it: substitute your situation with the perceived antagonists and it more or less becomes about you.



I’m limiting the first availability of this zine to it’s “premier” at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on April 26th, where it will be tabled alongside copies of “Ramen”, “Anthora”, the “Apropos” from last May, and another new zine currently in the pipeline. You’ll be able to buy it for $2. Adios until then.




Hi guys. I’m going to talk briefly about my new tape project, which is called ‘Anthora’, and then briefly about some other things. If you don’t already know, ‘Anthora’ is the name of this group of coffee cup designs.


So. 25 hand-labeled cassettes in 25 meticulously decorated cassette boxes featuring 54 minutes of original audio, which you can hear below. The audio — like that of May’s book/CD-R edition — was recorded live into my computer with basically the same gear. The tapes were dubbed — somewhat haphazardly — from that audio at regular speed from my computer onto my stereo. On Side B you hear panning drones and spastic pianos and on Side A you hear heartbeats and plaintive pump organs. And other stuff. You won’t know what until you listen to it, which you can do below.


I like to think of this project and the Ramen zine as being variations on the theme of waste or discard. Not abjection, necessarily; but casual, dispassionate expectoration. These pieces represent actual little bits of personal detritus. In effect, though, I’m resisting the throwaway quality implied by the packaging, not because I’m a do-gooder, but because I’m curious about it and awakened by it. And also because I don’t feel like I or anyone else really can accumulate much distance from waste, anyway, so why not decorate oneself or one’s work with it?


The sounds on the tape are their own kind of throwaway sounds. The meandering organs audible at around 13’55” on Side A are culled from a movie I watched on Hulu. While I’m sure they were meticulously conceived and recorded for the film, they were sampled for my purposes by simply clicking the “rewind-10-seconds-button” over and over, yielding a hypnotic 10-second refrain with the most rudimentary of tools. This was a largely cost-free maneuver on highly available source material, material that is no more or less guarded from public utility than any other internet-based sound. And the internet, of course, is the harbinger of ephemeral, throwaway content.

I think this desire to latch onto things that one might be implored to let go of informs almost every area of my life. This realization for me is somewhat profound.


OK, you’re up-to-date now. You can buy one these in the store, where I’m slashing prices on everything. AND THEN: check out my new tumblr, where I post original gifs and avant garde films I find on youtube and re-blog other peoples’ gifs and avant garde films that other people found on youtube before I did. Good good.



Hallo there. Welcome to the post where I talk about the new zine I made. I probably could’ve hammered this post out anytime in the past two weeks or so but I’ve been pretty busy resolving the ‘new permanent address’ issue. But I digress.


The zine is 20 pages long. The zine was printed on a laser copier on five sheets of legal-sized (8″x14″) cream-colored paper and folded once. The zine is bound in baker’s twine. The zine was printed in an edition of 100 copies. The zine features original collage work with various embellishments. Said embellishments were made with Sharpies, Krinks, and various paint pens. The zine is called “Ramen”.


Much of the imagery in the zine follows a sequence: figures dancing and intermingling with one another and regenerating or disappearing. Some images are broken up between black and white pages and color pages, mimicking that screwy effect on messed up VHS tapes or poor television signals.


You can now buy this zine in my new Etsy store. Or… I guess if you live in New York you could totally just hit me up and get one that way.



Hi read-and-lookers. Here is the third and final update of my aforementioned book/zine/sound project.

This project consists of 120 collages divided across 10 handmade, 12 page books, and features a 31 minute sound installation burned onto a basic CD-R embedded inside the last page of each book. All books are completely unique, but the CD-Rs are all basically the same.






The sound installation that I finally settled on is something that’s been bouncing around my head for the past nine months or so. The title of the piece, in fact, is just the date that I started work on that particular track. Although much of the audio you hear was looped and altered digitally, the sound installation was performed “live” with no overdubs using a pair of shoebox cassette records, a mixer, a couple of effects pedals, and two battery-powered, hand-held synthesizers. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Give it a listen.

You might’ve (probably not) noticed on my soundcloud that all the old stuff is gone and there are just these three big tracks there. I got rid of the old stuff because all that stuff took up space. The tracks labeled “4_25” and “5_2” are earlier sessions of the piece going into this project. You can listen and download all of them til I take them down (which might actually happen soon).

I’m also thrilled to announce that all of the books can now be viewed online in my new photobucket thingy. So even if you can’t have one of these 10 copies, you can still totally just see them all online, which is a much better option for some people anyway. It was a pretty incredible feeling to just sort of let go of all of the art – which took 6 months to complete – and to just kind of give it away. The scanning/editing job took quite a while.

I plan to do the following things this summer: finish working on a cassette project that I’ve had on the back burner since, like, December; finish a zine with a much higher print run (like, 100, hopefully); and START AN ETSY SHOP (finally!). That last thing I’m especially looking forward to because whenever I get locked into one of those “so you make a zine, right? Where can I get one?” conversations I’ll finally be able to send that person somewhere where that person can actually get stuff for not a lot of money. Won’t that be cool?


Volume 1 X; Que(e)ry!

UGH, it’s been like a month since my last update! That’s just wrong! Sorry about that, I’ve been doing other zine things rather than making them, like reading them and studying them and collecting them. It’s kept me busy and given me inspiration. This isn’t an actually zine update, per se, but rather a brief preview of the zine that I’m producing and printing in an edition of 25 specifically for a party Que(e)ry is throwing at the Stonewall on Friday to benefit QZAP. Sorry – that’s a pretty loaded sentence, I’ll give you a minute to click those links and learn a thing or two about queer zines, digital preservation, BI-brarians and other great things.


So anyway this zine is more or less about sex. It features a little poem-like diddy I arranged through some borrowed text from the seminal writers of erotica for women and the Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse. It’s pretty kinky. Also there’s a man morphing into an amorphous blob that in turn morphs into a woman. Hmmmm, what else… also some line drawings I did on borrowed ephemera. There’s a lot going on here!


Cover Sneak Peak

1 Sneak Peak

4 Sneak Peak


And best of all: you can actually HAVE this zine if you come to the party and buy one. They will be no more than $3, I can promise you that, but I’m not sure exactly how much they’ll be. And every cent of it will benefit the Queer Zine Archive Project, which is great because they have tons of rad stuff in there.


And now I’m just ab0ut spent. See you Saturday!



Volume 1 W; ComicCon!

Hey there, leg sweepers.  New zine and a critical update today concerning ComicCon ’11.

First things first: Apropos Volume 1 W.  The whole edition isn’t finished yet because I’m employing an exhaustive approach to my source material, which are two children’s books – one about time and another about trucks featuring early-Richard Scarry illustrations.  He’s just the bomb.  Anyway, I haven’t nearly finished going through all the material yet, but what I’ve been doing is creating low-resolution digital photocopies of the books and printing those copies onto sketchbook paper.  Then I do my little sharpie sketch thing on the original and paste it back on it’s proper spot on the copy so it looks sort of like color is bursting out of a black and white page. The sharpie, however, disrupts this reading, making what might’ve been a color explosion into a gesture of plasticity.  Colored originals onto black and white copies.  That’s all.  It looks a little bit like graffiti too.

Only two are finished so far.  The covers employ the same method using paper generously donated by my superfriend from distant lands, Jessica Gowling.  So awesome, such a rad human being.  The pages were from a decidedly paperback copy of Phyllis A. Whitney’s “Domino.”  The cover prints are each saturated with a different color for each copy of this edition.  Since I have only 2 finished so far, the only colors I’ve hit are yellow and a kind of deep, brownish orange.  Very autumnal.  But enough talk, here’s the zines.










The other cool thing coming up apart from me somehow finishing this zine is that I’m going to be at the GeeksOUT Table for an unspecified hour or two during ComicCon.  GeeksOUT might be the best social group for queer nerds like you and me.  They do awesome, awesome stuff.  So if you’re in New York on that weekend and at ComicCon and want a free limited edition print that I’ll be giving out then be my guest and roll through.  I’ll put pictures of the prints up on here once I actually finish one.  One of them is going to say “BOOGER” on it, I think.

Soooo with all this work coming up I hate to report that the next issue – one of the final few issues of Apropos in this, the first volume of a budding art zine – are going to come late or at some weird unexpected time in October.  Sorry for the hassle.  I got shit to do.


Volume 1 V

Spoke too soon… last week I believe I predicted that this week’s zine – Apropos Volume 1 V – would be part of and edition of 4 or maybe 5.  But yeah, that didn’t happen, it’s actually just 2.  But 2 zines are better than one!

I believe also that this Apropos represents a new high water mark in almost a year of semi-productive zine-making.  Notice first that the paper I used for this zine has weird, tiny etchings on it.  The story there is that I was printing something at my work and the printer glitched out for one reason or another and produced this cool printing malfunction.  I liked it and was feeling creative so I scanned it once I got home and printed it out six times on the otherwise ordinary 65 lb. acid-free sketchbook paper that I always make zines with.  It looks great and I predict a lot of cool things will stem from this new approach.

The continuous design flowing throughout is simply a free-associative sketch I made with a sharpie across a few pages of a newspaper.  I think it was the business section.  Or maybe arts and leisure.  The cutting and taping was tedious but rewarding.  Hope you like it.








I really think I’m onto something with this new zine, so expect similar stuff in the future.



Volume 1 U

Hey there bumble-butts.  This is Apropos volume 1 issue U – unfortunately another meager edition of 1, since I couldn’t produce any more, as this one demanded a wealth of patience and technical finesse.  Said finesse is well-displayed, I believe, in the careful cutting, structuring and decorating of each of the “pages” which are made of clear plastic and framed by sketchbook paper and red duct tape.  Pretty neat-o.  Each page is like a little window.  I have been striving to create this effect for a while and it only came to me just recently while considering the pretty plastic baggies that I place each issue in.  I simply snip a few of those apart and, ka-blam-o, little tiny windows.  There’s all sorts of weird stuff going on inside of the windows and the inspiration for it came from my favorite piece of art.  Also, in order to make the images discernible I had to upload them out of sequence.  So just order them around in your imagination.  I guess.  That last one there is the finished product.

Back, Cover

1, 10

9, 2

3, 8

7, 4

5, 6


Note also that this issue is stitch-bound, rather than stapled, as is the way of the future.  Work has already began on the next apropos, which will be produced in an edition of 4.  Or maybe 5.  I dunno.  It’ll be cool though.