Volume 1 X; Que(e)ry!

UGH, it’s been like a month since my last update! That’s just wrong! Sorry about that, I’ve been doing other zine things rather than making them, like reading them and studying them and collecting them. It’s kept me busy and given me inspiration. This isn’t an actually zine update, per se, but rather a brief preview of the zine that I’m producing and printing in an edition of 25 specifically for a party Que(e)ry is throwing at the Stonewall on Friday to benefit QZAP. Sorry – that’s a pretty loaded sentence, I’ll give you a minute to click those links and learn a thing or two about queer zines, digital preservation, BI-brarians and other great things.


So anyway this zine is more or less about sex. It features a little poem-like diddy I arranged through some borrowed text from the seminal writers of erotica for women and the Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse. It’s pretty kinky. Also there’s a man morphing into an amorphous blob that in turn morphs into a woman. Hmmmm, what else… also some line drawings I did on borrowed ephemera. There’s a lot going on here!


Cover Sneak Peak

1 Sneak Peak

4 Sneak Peak


And best of all: you can actually HAVE this zine if you come to the party and buy one. They will be no more than $3, I can promise you that, but I’m not sure exactly how much they’ll be. And every cent of it will benefit the Queer Zine Archive Project, which is great because they have tons of rad stuff in there.


And now I’m just ab0ut spent. See you Saturday!



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