Volume 1 V

Spoke too soon… last week I believe I predicted that this week’s zine – Apropos Volume 1 V – would be part of and edition of 4 or maybe 5.  But yeah, that didn’t happen, it’s actually just 2.  But 2 zines are better than one!

I believe also that this Apropos represents a new high water mark in almost a year of semi-productive zine-making.  Notice first that the paper I used for this zine has weird, tiny etchings on it.  The story there is that I was printing something at my work and the printer glitched out for one reason or another and produced this cool printing malfunction.  I liked it and was feeling creative so I scanned it once I got home and printed it out six times on the otherwise ordinary 65 lb. acid-free sketchbook paper that I always make zines with.  It looks great and I predict a lot of cool things will stem from this new approach.

The continuous design flowing throughout is simply a free-associative sketch I made with a sharpie across a few pages of a newspaper.  I think it was the business section.  Or maybe arts and leisure.  The cutting and taping was tedious but rewarding.  Hope you like it.








I really think I’m onto something with this new zine, so expect similar stuff in the future.



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