Hi guys. I’m going to talk briefly about my new tape project, which is called ‘Anthora’, and then briefly about some other things. If you don’t already know, ‘Anthora’ is the name of this group of coffee cup designs.


So. 25 hand-labeled cassettes in 25 meticulously decorated cassette boxes featuring 54 minutes of original audio, which you can hear below. The audio — like that of May’s book/CD-R edition — was recorded live into my computer with basically the same gear. The tapes were dubbed — somewhat haphazardly — from that audio at regular speed from my computer onto my stereo. On Side B you hear panning drones and spastic pianos and on Side A you hear heartbeats and plaintive pump organs. And other stuff. You won’t know what until you listen to it, which you can do below.


I like to think of this project and the Ramen zine as being variations on the theme of waste or discard. Not abjection, necessarily; but casual, dispassionate expectoration. These pieces represent actual little bits of personal detritus. In effect, though, I’m resisting the throwaway quality implied by the packaging, not because I’m a do-gooder, but because I’m curious about it and awakened by it. And also because I don’t feel like I or anyone else really can accumulate much distance from waste, anyway, so why not decorate oneself or one’s work with it?


The sounds on the tape are their own kind of throwaway sounds. The meandering organs audible at around 13’55” on Side A are culled from a movie I watched on Hulu. While I’m sure they were meticulously conceived and recorded for the film, they were sampled for my purposes by simply clicking the “rewind-10-seconds-button” over and over, yielding a hypnotic 10-second refrain with the most rudimentary of tools. This was a largely cost-free maneuver on highly available source material, material that is no more or less guarded from public utility than any other internet-based sound. And the internet, of course, is the harbinger of ephemeral, throwaway content.

I think this desire to latch onto things that one might be implored to let go of informs almost every area of my life. This realization for me is somewhat profound.


OK, you’re up-to-date now. You can buy one these in the store, where I’m slashing prices on everything. AND THEN: check out my new tumblr, where I post original gifs and avant garde films I find on youtube and re-blog other peoples’ gifs and avant garde films that other people found on youtube before I did. Good good.


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