Volume 1 U

Hey there bumble-butts.  This is Apropos volume 1 issue U – unfortunately another meager edition of 1, since I couldn’t produce any more, as this one demanded a wealth of patience and technical finesse.  Said finesse is well-displayed, I believe, in the careful cutting, structuring and decorating of each of the “pages” which are made of clear plastic and framed by sketchbook paper and red duct tape.  Pretty neat-o.  Each page is like a little window.  I have been striving to create this effect for a while and it only came to me just recently while considering the pretty plastic baggies that I place each issue in.  I simply snip a few of those apart and, ka-blam-o, little tiny windows.  There’s all sorts of weird stuff going on inside of the windows and the inspiration for it came from my favorite piece of art.  Also, in order to make the images discernible I had to upload them out of sequence.  So just order them around in your imagination.  I guess.  That last one there is the finished product.

Back, Cover

1, 10

9, 2

3, 8

7, 4

5, 6


Note also that this issue is stitch-bound, rather than stapled, as is the way of the future.  Work has already began on the next apropos, which will be produced in an edition of 4.  Or maybe 5.  I dunno.  It’ll be cool though.

2 Comments on “Volume 1 U”

  1. kate says:

    That tick is really big.

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