Hi read-and-lookers. Here is the third and final update of my aforementioned book/zine/sound project.

This project consists of 120 collages divided across 10 handmade, 12 page books, and features a 31 minute sound installation burned onto a basic CD-R embedded inside the last page of each book. All books are completely unique, but the CD-Rs are all basically the same.






The sound installation that I finally settled on is something that’s been bouncing around my head for the past nine months or so. The title of the piece, in fact, is just the date that I started work on that particular track. Although much of the audio you hear was looped and altered digitally, the sound installation was performed “live” with no overdubs using a pair of shoebox cassette records, a mixer, a couple of effects pedals, and two battery-powered, hand-held synthesizers. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Give it a listen.

You might’ve (probably not) noticed on my soundcloud that all the old stuff is gone and there are just these three big tracks there. I got rid of the old stuff because all that stuff took up space. The tracks labeled “4_25” and “5_2” are earlier sessions of the piece going into this project. You can listen and download all of them til I take them down (which might actually happen soon).

I’m also thrilled to announce that all of the books can now be viewed online in my new photobucket thingy. So even if you can’t have one of these 10 copies, you can still totally just see them all online, which is a much better option for some people anyway. It was a pretty incredible feeling to just sort of let go of all of the art – which took 6 months to complete – and to just kind of give it away. The scanning/editing job took quite a while.

I plan to do the following things this summer: finish working on a cassette project that I’ve had on the back burner since, like, December; finish a zine with a much higher print run (like, 100, hopefully); and START AN ETSY SHOP (finally!). That last thing I’m especially looking forward to because whenever I get locked into one of those “so you make a zine, right? Where can I get one?” conversations I’ll finally be able to send that person somewhere where that person can actually get stuff for not a lot of money. Won’t that be cool?


2 Comments on “Apropos”

  1. Kate says:

    Tim! You’ve been busy!

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