Volume 1 W; ComicCon!

Hey there, leg sweepers.  New zine and a critical update today concerning ComicCon ’11.

First things first: Apropos Volume 1 W.  The whole edition isn’t finished yet because I’m employing an exhaustive approach to my source material, which are two children’s books – one about time and another about trucks featuring early-Richard Scarry illustrations.  He’s just the bomb.  Anyway, I haven’t nearly finished going through all the material yet, but what I’ve been doing is creating low-resolution digital photocopies of the books and printing those copies onto sketchbook paper.  Then I do my little sharpie sketch thing on the original and paste it back on it’s proper spot on the copy so it looks sort of like color is bursting out of a black and white page. The sharpie, however, disrupts this reading, making what might’ve been a color explosion into a gesture of plasticity.  Colored originals onto black and white copies.  That’s all.  It looks a little bit like graffiti too.

Only two are finished so far.  The covers employ the same method using paper generously donated by my superfriend from distant lands, Jessica Gowling.  So awesome, such a rad human being.  The pages were from a decidedly paperback copy of Phyllis A. Whitney’s “Domino.”  The cover prints are each saturated with a different color for each copy of this edition.  Since I have only 2 finished so far, the only colors I’ve hit are yellow and a kind of deep, brownish orange.  Very autumnal.  But enough talk, here’s the zines.










The other cool thing coming up apart from me somehow finishing this zine is that I’m going to be at the GeeksOUT Table for an unspecified hour or two during ComicCon.  GeeksOUT might be the best social group for queer nerds like you and me.  They do awesome, awesome stuff.  So if you’re in New York on that weekend and at ComicCon and want a free limited edition print that I’ll be giving out then be my guest and roll through.  I’ll put pictures of the prints up on here once I actually finish one.  One of them is going to say “BOOGER” on it, I think.

Soooo with all this work coming up I hate to report that the next issue – one of the final few issues of Apropos in this, the first volume of a budding art zine – are going to come late or at some weird unexpected time in October.  Sorry for the hassle.  I got shit to do.


2 Comments on “Volume 1 W; ComicCon!”

  1. aproposzine says:

    YOU, madam, are too kind!

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