Carnivores In The Clouds

Hi. So, look at the new minizine that I made.



It’s a text collage broken up into eight discrete pages revealing a vague narrative about predation, consumption, and mystical technologies. It was printed on a single sheet of 11″x17″ paper, folded three times, cut across one of the seams, and re-folded intricately to form this 5.5″x4.25″ octavo. Every word of the narrative (apart from the little colophon on the back page) was assembled from preexisting science texts from the Time Life Science Library. The narrative is literally embedded in each page: it’s eight sequential passages were printed on the verso side of the paper and are revealed through a hole in the recto side. Every copy was folded and cut by hand; none of the one hundred copies are entirely the same. Indeed, many of them will have to be carefully manipulated to fully reveal the passages beneath.




Once again, the narrative is vague. I wrote it only inasmuch as I took the words I was attracted to and assembled them to form sentences. Occasionally I grabbed a small article or interjection to help create coherence. The narrative often refers to clouds and it often appears to be set in a place of high altitude. Machines are mentioned more than once, perhaps as a catalyst of destruction. Predators are alluded to on almost every page. These themes pivot around and strive to give meaning to an unrevealed problem. You make sense of it: substitute your situation with the perceived antagonists and it more or less becomes about you.



I’m limiting the first availability of this zine to it’s “premier” at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on April 26th, where it will be tabled alongside copies of “Ramen”, “Anthora”, the “Apropos” from last May, and another new zine currently in the pipeline. You’ll be able to buy it for $2. Adios until then.



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