Hallo there. Welcome to the post where I talk about the new zine I made. I probably could’ve hammered this post out anytime in the past two weeks or so but I’ve been pretty busy resolving the ‘new permanent address’ issue. But I digress.


The zine is 20 pages long. The zine was printed on a laser copier on five sheets of legal-sized (8″x14″) cream-colored paper and folded once. The zine is bound in baker’s twine. The zine was printed in an edition of 100 copies. The zine features original collage work with various embellishments. Said embellishments were made with Sharpies, Krinks, and various paint pens. The zine is called “Ramen”.


Much of the imagery in the zine follows a sequence: figures dancing and intermingling with one another and regenerating or disappearing. Some images are broken up between black and white pages and color pages, mimicking that screwy effect on messed up VHS tapes or poor television signals.


You can now buy this zine in my new Etsy store. Or… I guess if you live in New York you could totally just hit me up and get one that way.


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