Hello again. This is the post where I talk about the new zine I made called “Beer”. It’s an entirely visual zine featuring abundant use of inks and paints and collage materials. I’ll get right into the process after some fancy pictures. Here are those.



While creating this zine, I encountered a serious snafu with a heavy-duty magenta ink marker. At some point, the thick felt base of the marker was pushed deeply into the plastic tip of the pen, rapidly draining the well and leaking ink through the felt, creating a sporadic, uncontrollable drip effect. There is evidence of this leakage throughout the zine. Most prominently, a small lake was created on one of the latter pages that leaked through to subsequent pages until it was stopped by the surface of my desk, which is now marked by a small, pinkish stain. This occurred while I was only about halfway finished with the creative work on this zine. I have interpreted this to mean that this zine is all about accidents: accidents that influence progress without forestalling it, and progress that works around accidents.
“Beer” is formally related to “Ramen” — same 7″x8″ footprint, pagination, and edition size (100) — but it runs a bit colder and more austere, IMO. There is a lot more of that stark, contrast-y black and white that pops into your head when you think of “zines”. Many pages feature the blended b&w-on-one-page-and-color-on-the-other visual spread idea that I introduced with “Ramen”. Personally, I think that’s better executed here than it was back then. All around, this zine feels a bit more like a statement.
The ink spill inspired some other creative flourishes to this zine, including thick washes of black acrylic paint and blown-up photocopies of smaller collages throughout. It’s bound in dental floss, too. It also inspired the hand-stamped “LASER”-text at the bottom right corner of the sixteenth page. Like the spill, evidence of the stamp bleeds through to the following page
This zine will be among the newer works available for sale at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. It will be $4. Like “Carnivores”, I’m not going to put this one up on the Etsy just yet. Also I will offer this zine at BZF together with “Ramen” and call it “The Beer and Ramen Special” for $7. Get it? Beer and Ramen? It’s the perfect meal.

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