Volume 1 R

Hey champs.  New zine: Apropos Volume 1 R – an edition of 1.  This is an exhibition of static in the clearest way I can express it.  It’s very difficult to see in the scans, but everything you see here was stained with my boo’s pink hair dye prior to assemblage.  None of the pages are more or less remarkable than any other.  If you see a data stream or a looping structuralist film or a piece of music within, then that would be just great.  I think it looks rather elegant.










The next update will hopefully be on Monday of next week, but it’ll depend on what kind of computer/internet/digital photography access I’ll have while in Hrímgrund.  Work shall commence as planned while I’m away.



2 Comments on “Volume 1 R”

  1. Alycia says:

    Tim! The Brooklyn College Library needs your zines!: http://brooklyncollegezines.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

  2. aproposzine says:

    Oh hell yeah! I can’t wait to make my donation!

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