Volume 1 P

Hello for real.  This here is the real update, the real entry for Volume 1 issue P of Apropos, the first real entry devoted to a real update to this project, the first of said updates on this new website, including a set of images serving as evidence to that reality.
This zine began and ended in a place of stress and confusion.  Much has happened inside of my personal realm during it’s slotted creation, including – most notably – a change of address.  Yes, moving.  That’s why the most recent update to this project happened a whopping 6 weeks ago.  Another difficulty has been purely creative.  A discussion of that follows the images.








My creative problems with this zine began in the introduction of a new medium: etchings.  The etchings I made with assorted sharp items (including my Xacto knife and a nail) against the surface of discarded vinyl records, a few from my own collection.  In my newly minted experience, this medium does not print well onto paper.  I was forced to cover up these very vague prints with collage and some creative use of paint.  There is some evidence of my prints in the zine, but one must look closely for the contours buried within the paint.  I think that when they shimmer through it looks pretty glorious.  The contours come across as the melody inside of a My Bloody Valentine song – not a bad effect at all, in my opinion.  So on this occasion I believe I made decent lemonade from very potent lemons.  Go me.

Etch'd vinyl, page 1

My paint-etching-printy-thing is enhanced, I believe, by the use of both black and white paper.  Some of the paint came out pretty radical, too.  Check out pages 5-6.  I used some pink hair dye on those pages (obtained through the Magpie Librarian) that unfortunately didn’t really come through on the scans, but it looks rad in real life.  Although this zine was produced in an edition of 3, I plan on shelving 2 of them unless I get some dire requests to own these issues.  The third will be going to Jessica Gowling, my Canadian zine-swapping associate.
Expect a new update every week for the next four weeks.  I plan on making a new zine in an edition of 1 every week until late august to catch up on the sequence, which took a severe beating as a result of this move.  I’m much better than this.  These little microeditions of Apropos will look entirely unique.  One edition will be created from found material from my upcoming trip to Iceland.  Get pumped for that.
OK, this has been a pretty big update which should keep you filled for the next 5 days.  You enjoy and I’ll go make better zines.  Peace.

2 Comments on “Volume 1 P”

  1. WOA WOA WOA! your canadian zine swapping associate is ECSTATIC to be getting one of these beauties! your zines are incredible, so many layers and always so intricate – the handmade quality really shines through and the UBER limited edition makes them prized possessions. Plus, as a printmaker whose first love is intaglio, I am so excited to know that this zine began with printmaking as the inspirationg. Thank you so much T!

    • aproposzine says:

      You are very welcome! Your praise is so kind as usual! I’ll bop your zine in the mail tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I’ll figure out printmaking for real one of these days. Arts buds forever!

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