The Other Side

This website houses the most current work of apropos, an ongoing zine/art project.  All digital renderings of work prior to the upcoming issue (volume 1 P) were deleted along with a tumblr account housing those entries, issues and articles.  Whoops!  Below is a little bit of a timeline following the visual trend the project has followed since its inception in november of 2010, based on heavily-cropped backup image files.
Apropos Volume 1 B

Apropos Volume 1 C

Apropos Volume 1 D

Apropos Volume 1 F

Apropos Volume 1 G

Apropos Volume 1 I

Apropos Volume 1 J

Apropos Volume 1 K

Apropos Volume 1 L

Apropos Volume 1 M

Apropos Volume 1 N

Apropos Volume 1 O

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project, expect updates every other monday.  Numbered zines are also occasionally offered at Desert Island Comics on Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn for $8.  Desert Island currently holds copies of G, H and K.  All editions are entirely handmade.  Most editions are culled from a mixture of media – including collage from a variety of paper sources, inks, paints, tapes, and other found materials.  Most editions are also extremely small – the largest edition so far numbered only 7 zines.
That’s basically all you need to know for now, but feel free to rap with me on twitter, should you be so inclined.

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